Saturday, November 19, 2011

Angels Everyday Even on Saturday

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33
I definately take comfort from this scripture. It also empowers me to know that I can be strong and fight illness and disease. I am this way because I can handle it! Wow sleep was good last night. Here I am starting my day it is 36 degrees outside. I have to go out into the cold this morning. Time to bring out my beautiful newly knit purple winter hat. I love it. I won it on Listia. It is handmade and will last me forever. Purple is my favorite color so that is why I chose it. We still have not had to turn on our gas heat. The sun when we get it and the neighbors heat below that rises up keeps us comfortable. When it gets colder we will have to turn our heat on. We have many days of negative and below and worse with the wind chill.  Each winter I have lived here in Southern NH for the past five it has been extremely harsh in the winter. Coming from FL it is a shock. I am getting used to it weraing long underwear I have some sweaters a great pair of boots nice winter coat and red and white striped gloves. I need to switch to purple gloves to match my purple hat. The people I think about are those that don't have these items for warmth. I have a few extra hats I will be passing out them out today at a Christian food giveaway event! I wish I had more but this is a way for me to help. I need to check with my friend and her daughter first to see if they have what they need. I hope she comes through this morning and we get to go to the event this morning.

I found a group of angels in free clip art so I will be able to add them to my blog! I have a facsination with angels and believe I have been visited by them. They are to believed to sometimes look like humans! I am so thankful for this connection I have with angels. Some instances where they have been with me are during times of utter despair and through medical procedures.

What does the bible say about angels?

I am missing my grandsons so much. I have just a few more days to go. I will be seeing them for the Thanksgiving Day Family Reunion. My first grandson is an angel to me because he was born on my Mother's birthday! Where ever you are I hope your days ahead and day of Thanksgiving are wonder filled!

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