Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is Up it is Wednesday

Watch Your Waistline Could be your weight that creeps up!

With the holidays coming up and parties it is easy to pack on a few pounds a nibble here a nibble there and before you know it you need to lose weight.

I try to go for the veggies and go light on the dips. Being that I am a diabetic I have to watch carbs and desserts. I can indulge in sweets in moderation. I like mint and dark chocolate. Do you have any low calories recipes you have tried and like a lot?

Healthified Chocolate Chip Cookies

I now have four of the five owls pretty much done. Each one is getting a flower on their belly!

My November 29, 2011 Family Circle magazine has recipes for ten new cookies and bars to make. I want to try a few to make as gifts for my brother and sisters. Do you have any great cookie recipes to share?

Check This Out Cooking for Two

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