Thursday, November 3, 2011

Totally Thursday

I had a nice day yesterday. I went to a thrift store. I found some really good books. The boss woman there always makes really nice deals for me. The used bookstore in downtown Manchester NH is now closed. So I was quite happy to find so many nice big hard back books on cooking, gardening, sewing and various sticheries. I can no longer sew, knit and crochet due to my disability with my right hand and arm however books like these give me inspiration with continuing to do what I love and can do. Read and look at pictures and colors design that inspires me to go through what feels like therapy for me and that is when I draw in ink, water color paint or create something else like ATC's or Chunky Pages. I am gathering all of the supplies I need to make an arch. I feel that I have just about everything to make one now. Of course I will show you pictures of the arch I create in future posts.

Must have easy soup recipes try this one!

Oh No The forsthyia snapped off

The yellow maple lost two branches

Do you like to shop at thrift stores?

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