Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet Sunny Sunday

He died in our place to take away our sins, and not only our sins but the sins of all people.1 John 2:2

Who is your best friend?

This website has a lot more information all about sweet potatos but I jumped to the recipes first. They look yummy. One thing I love is sweet potato fries. Do you eat sweet potatos? I do! I am a diabetic. I was told by my doctor and nutritionist to stop eating all whites no white potatos white rice white noodles or white bread. So instead I have switched to 12 grain bread or whole wheat bread brown rice wheat noodles and lastly sweet potatos. This has not been an easy transition for me. I am almost there 100% I can now easily find wheat noodles at the grocery store. They are becoming more popular.

Today it is sunny but cold out. It went to 34 last night perhaps colder. It is also morning number one of Fall back daylight savings time. I am still recovering from bronchitis UGH it is really bad to get this. I have needed long naps (4+ hours) the last two days. Then the last two nights I have been burning the midnight oil. I seem to react like this when there is time change. I was up at 9 AM this morning so maybe I can stay awake all day and get to bed at my regular time tonight.

So today I had Nana duty but last night my son called me and said my DIL had the day off and my services were not needed. I miss the little guys so much. I will see them soon at our Thanksgiving Family Reunion. So now I have to figure out some things to do. I am waiting for a friend to bring me the Sunday paper. I need the coupons and also at the beginning of each moth I have to clean out expired coupons so I can do that later on. I also need to get together packages for swaps and blessings perhaps a RAK random act of kindness. I love to surprise members of my Christian Friends group from time to time. Usually I like to choose one of the new ladies that has joined. I have today and tomorrow to get it all together. Tuesday weather wise is looking like it will be a really nice day to walk to the downtown post office.

I could bake some cookies today. I got a new cookie sheet yesterday. I say that like it is a major thing. It is! You should see this heavy duty cookie sheet made by Wilton that I bought. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It weighs a ton. I am definately going to get another one or maybe two. I am going to make drop cookies with a Hershey Kiss topping. I realized after buying a new flavor of kisses called cherry cordial with cream in the middle that this may be an experiment. Usually you use a solid chocolate kiss candy to top these cookies. I will taste them for you and let you know how they turn out in a later post. I will take a picture of course to share with you and the recipe. It is an easy recipe. Do you like to bake?

Dover Publication
Did I tell you about the dozen roses I have here oh yes I did. They have opened up 5 + inches accross! If you were to draw them this is how they would look. They smell heavenly! I hope you have a wonder filled Sunday! I am sure mine will be full of sunshine!

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