Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spicy Sunday

I will praise the Lord at all times; his praise is always on my lips. My whole being praises the Lord. The poor will hear and be glad. Glorify the Lord with me, and let us praise his name together. Psalms 34:1-3
It is a cool 39 degrees this morning here in Southern NH. I am missing my grandsons already but now I have a birthday tomorrow so I am sure I will see them again soon hopefully tomorrow for my birthday. Birthdays were always fun with my Mother. She made the best cakes and we had a spinning cake holder. Mom had one of those counter top electrical mixers. Black with a white bowl as I remember. Another special thing Mom did for us on our birthdays was she made our favorite dinner that night. I always chose tuna noodle casserole. Mom made that the best too. I don't even come close to hers when I make it for myself these days. I don't usually make myself a cake anymore now since I became a diabetic. I did pick up a yummy chocolate chip pound cake yesterday for myself and others that may want to try it.

I think I will start on my Christmas cards today. Since I am feeling pretty yucky with a horrible cough. I think I have bronchitis again. I am going to do the easy ones first. I bought some Mary Engelbreit Christmas cards with cute snowmen on them. I also have her clear stamp with the same snowman on it and my address labels have snowmen on them. I have some older vintage Christmas cards and lastly when I am feeling really good after I see my doctor. I did one ME card to my sister and nephew. It was a process and hopefully it will go smoother next time. I am going to look for my vintage Christmas cards I have to send and start filling them out that should be easier.

I need to start wrapping and sorting out some small gifts but that will be for next week's To Do List!
I usually don't decorate until another couple of weeks from now. So there is no tree yet!

What do you do to prepare for Christmas? When my sons were younger we went so far as to put up lights on the house. We also had a family tradition of going to a tree farm and chopping down our own trees. We were living in Maryland at the time. I was raising my family then with a husband and our two sons. We did a lot of activities with his brothers and sisters and their families his Mother (Nana I loved her so much may she be resting ever so peacefully) and my husbands Father and wife Bunny too. We would cook for 30 or more. They loved my mashed potatos.

Oh my I just had some cajun chicken for lunch. I wanted to share this site with you
I love what I have now two sons DIL and two grandsons. my two sisters one is married both have children and a brother who is married with family all nearby some close enough to drive or fly. My Father is in CA and as usual I (I should say we brother and sisters too) have little to no contact from him. It has been like that all of my life. I don't know a Father who truly loves his daughter and wants to be a part of her life and get to know his grandsons much less his only great grandsons he has for now. He won't be alive if and when the other great grands come along more than likely. Mom would have been involved if she were still alive and well today! She is watching them from heaven. My precious first grandson was born on my Mother's birthday. She was in Heaven before he was born. He is truly my angel not in the sense that he can do nothing wrong. He is an angel God sent me to console me over the deep profound grief I have over my Mother's untimely death. I spent years grieving that we knew she was dying but she did not know it more than likely. Now that she is gone I don't want to ever forget what a wonderful Mother she was and how her life before that as a child is quite remarkable. Her Mother was a part of my life also she saw both of my sons when they were little. We had a family reunion from Mother's side of the family in Port Carling Canada. It is way up on the Eastern side of Canada. What a fantastic driving trip we took from Maryland to go there stopping at Niagra Falls. It was beautiful we brought our bikes with us on our trip and rode around the park there all day long. The wine country and grape vineyards were lovely to drive through.

Here is some information I looked up on Port Carling I thought I would make this a sharing Sunday again

Love to get things for free well then check this out

Ways to save money

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