Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Totally Tuesday

I am a companion of all who fear you. Psalm 119:63

I have had this little but very powerful scripture from the bible that I cut from a newspaper several years ago. It is getting yellowed now and it sits on top of the frame of a needlepoint picture of the letter G that my Mother made for me. That is on the first wall right inside my bedroom door. Sort of a reminder! I see it every day when I leave my bedroom to greet each new day!

I cared for my baby grandson (16 months old) yesterday. He did well all day long until about an hour or so before Mom and big brother were due home  He cried and cried and then some. I call it the wishing hour (wishing you weren't there) it was before supper he had a long day with Nana and he was looking for his Mother. I slept so well last night I didn't wake up once. I was not feeling well yesterday and it was because I drank too much coffee. It did the trick I stayed up all day long. My grandson slept for around three hours. He was fun to play with and he wanted to sit with me and watch a Casper the Friendly Ghost movie. Over all he is doing better but I am caring for him again today. I will take my Nana time especially when I get one grandson at a time. Big brother was happy to see me for the little bit of time he did, before he went to school with Dad and on the car ride home. He did well in school yesterday and kept his hands to himself. He is always wanting to touch the other kids and they are telling him No to stop it. He won't listen. He is such a loving touchy kind of kid. He isn't trying to hurt the other kids. Could it have something to do with the negative attention he gets at home for bothering baby brother? I don't know just thinking. These two grandsons of mine are just like being around my boys when they were little. I love being a Nana! I loved being a young Mother when I was ages 18 and 21 and my sons were born.

I called my doctor yesterday to get my lab results and all were normal. So I am assuming that my thyroid is ok for now. I am not sure why I have been so tired and sleeping a bunch. I think I am still fighting the bronchitis. I am still wheezing and cough a bit once in awhile. I want to get through Thanksgiving and then I will call my doctor to make an appoitnment to find out why I am not better.

Wow each day we are inching closer to Thanksgiving Day. I am so excited. My DIL's stepmother made a bread cornucopia and glazed it. In other words it is not edible. My DIL is going to add something to the end of the cornucopia and put a platter together for our family reunion
Thanksgiving this year. I hope your preparations for the holiday are coming together well.

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