Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BRRRR It is Cold Today

Let me speak your praise, because you have taught me your demands. Psalms 119:171
I am up early this morning as usual and it is 7 degrees here in southern New Hampshire probably less than that if there is any wind chill factor. I am glad I got my errands done yesterday. I will stay in today and get some things done for I finished a mailart bookmark which is made from envelopes I received throughout the holiday season and recyled cardboard from microwave popcorn. I didn't have much in the way of mailart but just enough to eke out a nice bookmark for my partner. I am looking forward to another person sending me something.

Ever since I woke up Monday morning my right knee has been bothering me. It hurts and feels swollen and stiff. I didn't do anything that I can think of. So I am not sure why this is going on. I have been taking ibuprofen and tried ice but last night I used a heating pad and that felt so much more comfortable. I have never had knee problems. To me it just seems as if my body is literally falling apart.

I have figured out how to shop CVS drugstore and get bucks back. If you spend at least $30.00 on certain products you get a $10.00 store card. I spent $40.00 yesterday and got back $14.00. Now the trick is to only spend that $14.00 or less on my next trip to CVS and not spend any of my precious money which I have so little of. Next trip I will have to plan out at home with a CVS flier and coupons so I can get more bucks back and keep going. My sister and niece do it so I know I can too. I will make all my money back shortly and then some as long as I stick with it. Walgreens drugstore has a similar program which I may give a try too as I go there more often. This is extreme couponing. Wish it would work better for me at the grocery store. I want to get better at that! My grocery store Market Basket seems to not have the right deals to match with coupons when I need things something isn't working for me. I need to study it more. I don't by much in bulk because I have no where to store it in this tiny apartment.

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Valentines Day is coming up next month so I thought I would share this early with you.

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