Monday, January 16, 2012

I Love Grapes

Lord, even when I have trouble all around me, you will keep me alive. When my enemies are angry, you will reach down and save me by your power. Psalms 138:7

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This is a really neat picture that I thought I would share today. It was a free download from I will be using some of their free photos from time to time in my blog. Only when I don't have anything to share from own photography. This one is called "transparent grapes".

This is my digial photograph of "snow cotton bush"  Photography by Glenna Normyle (me)

Today is a holiday, it is in observance of  Martin Luther King Jr. It is 6 degrees here in southern NH it is soooooo cold this morning but it actually feels like negative six currently. Day three of an artic blast. Today I am studying about NH's state bird. This is a lilac bush I can see from my window and one of their favorite hide outs in the Spring. The bird is a purple finch. The female is rather plain but the male bird has a color on hits head and breast that looks like the color of the red grapes in the above picture. I have been watching them nearby for coming up on 6 years this Spring. The people that were feeding them next door have moved out. I feel like I should step in somehow and feed them. In the past years I have left food on the top of a nearby snowbank below this bush such as 12 grain bread and lots of birds have loved that. Today I will put out some bread I have for them. Then I can sit back and observe them from a large window and photograph them. It is supposed to be bright and sunny again today. Not that it made a difference at all yesterday nothing melted it is negative degrees outside. Oh I see right now behind my heavy insulated curtains the sun is rising at 7:45 AM.

Here comes the sun!

Where ever you are I hope your day is full of wonder and excitement!

I am certainly wondering about this!!!!! The temperature stats on my computer now say it is 5 degrees outside and it feels like 38 sometimes I wonder because the stats jump around. I am still not ready to face the cold this morning though!

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