Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day Number One for 2012

Lord, you bless those who do what is right; you protect them like a soldier's shield. Psalms 5:12 
It started snowing here in southern NH very early this morning before 4 AM. We have snow today Yay! I will get some snow shots with my camera today and share them here later on. I had planned to run errands and go out to breakfast today with a friend prior to this snow event and so we are still going. The schools are open today here in the city but all around us there are well over 300 school closings! We have an inch or so of snow right now more than a mere dusting and as I write this at 7AM it is still lightly snowing. Later on we are supposed to get rain. It is 34 degrees currently. There are icy conditions so I do pray for those traveling today that all get to and from their destinations safely. Praise Him for snow and protection today!
Snowfall starting Jan 2012

Early AM Manchester Jan snow 2012

Garden covered in snow

Roof tops early AM Jan 2012 first snow

There is no sun out and it is snowing hard right now. I just took this pictures from upstairs at 8 AM this morning! I will be going out in this to get more pictures. It is still snowing 10:30 AM EST update I have more pictures check these out.

Manchester, NH this morning

You can see the snow coming down

Beautiful snow covered tree downtown Manchester, NH

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