Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow on Snow on Snow

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16
It snowed again here in southern NH last night. Well now we have snow on snow. I fed the birds yesterday. Those that decided to venture out and there weren't very many took notice of the 12 grain bread scattered near one of their hideouts, the forsythia bush. I have a picture of the food scattered but I didn't manage to get any bird pictures. Of course now it is all covered in snow but when it thaws out one day the birds will have a feast. Living in the city these lucky birds have so many homes built in the garages and structures all over it is amazing. We have a street then alley then street then alley and so on layout here. So many of them live in the structures along the alleys. They live in one garage that I know of that belongs to the house behind me. Then they bounce from a forsythia to a lilac to the garage all Spring Summer and Fall! I can just see them all huddled in there now that it is Winter and they are trying to just stay warm. I may try hanging a feeder on the tall fence next door but accessible to me and feed these guys like they are used to. I feel really bad for them that they aren't getting any more food because the people moved out.

I have been working on organzing my desk and my cookbook area in the kitchen this morning. I don't know how things get so wild and out of control. Except that I seem to want to save everything. I am getting there and way more organized. Not as much clutter. I don't even really like knick knacks anymore. You have to clean them and dust them. I don't have time for all of that plus being disabled it is extra hard for me to do it. It is a good thing I have a large storage unit here so I have somewhere to put things away for now. I still feel like a move is in my future. I want to move out of the city.

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I see my doc tomorrow. They just called I have to be there at 7:45 AM. I am still having problems with my right knee. I also have been wheezing and coughing and now I have slugs in my nose. The air is so dry I am trying to keep the nose bleeding to a minimum as well. I have been boiling several pots of water throughout the past few days. This winter I am slathering on tons of Jergens Ultra Healing lotion I love it! No endorsement here just a consumer I bought the lotion recently and really like it.

One of my goals in 2012 was to take time out to read my bible for an hour each day. I am reading more often not quite an hour though. I have until the end of this month to cook something from a new recipe. So I will be planning this and shopping for the ingrediants this weekend. Whatever I make I will share the recipe and pictures with you later in another blog posting. A couple of my goals have already been accomplished the first being to create an arch and I did. It has been mailed off to my swap-bot.com partner. I haven't checked my ratings lately so I will have to see if she left a comment for me. I am pretty sure she will love it. The other goal is growing primroses in my indoor garden. They are there now two of them and I have shaded them from full sun mimicking a shady outdoor location. The window they are in gets full sun in the morning. My little baby spider plants are getting bigger. That was another new addition to my garden at Thanksgiving 2011. A gift from my sister.

My grandson on the way home from a Red Sox game He is dreaming baseball! May 2011!

Soon it will be baseball season again! Go Red Sox Go! I am definately looking forward to warmer weather! It is now 11:07 as I finish writing this and it is 35 degrees out feels like 29. That is cold. We are only just starting to get some more snow and the temperatures are definately colder than the somtimes balmy weather we enjoyed up until now. I want to dream about Spring and baseball!

I set my printer up and reorganized my studio. It didn't help my knee either. I was careful. I am trying to think of something to print. I guess it will be a new recipe at recipe.com

Have a wonder filled day and dream when you can, pray more often and read your bible!

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