Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Tips

Lord, you do everything for me. Lord, your love continues forever. Do not leave us, whom you made. Psalms 138:8

I have already been to the docs early this morning before 8 AM. y knee issue is a wait and see, hopefully it clears up! Prayers needed for that. I have yellow stuff from nose and lungs. It is ok everybody has a viral cold. I am wheezing so my doc ordered up a new inhaler for me. I can now use that medicine more often every four hours. That should be some help. The wheezing is bad at times. My triglycerides when last checked were high so a full blood work up was done and to also check my thyroid today. My blood pressure was elevated because I am not feeling 100% I got sick early this morning my blood sugar was 179 this morning when I checked it. I didn't even know if I was going to make it to my docs this morning. I am feeling a bit better now as the day goes along. Sugar affects your triglycerides! No more sugar for me! None!

Some helpful information I thought I would share as today is Wednesday Tips. It is also my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Sis!

 I had to add this article. Yes indeed homemakers are worth every bit of this and more!

I am going to make Valentine cookies from scratch. This is something I have never done. That will be my recipe for next month. I still need to come up with an all new recipe for my January 2012 goal.

This looks like fun! It is from a free download so please don't copy it from me go there you can even sign up for free! GO HERE:

So what I need are just a couple of baking untensils like a rolling pin and of course the heart shaped cookie cutter plus I will need to find a sugar cookie recipe and make sure I don't need any ingrediants which I just might not have. I need the sprinkles for sure! My almost 4 year old grandson loves sprinkles! I will share some with them!

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