Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missed You Yesterday

We believe with our hearts, and so we are made right with God. And we use our mouths to say that we believe, and so we are saved. Romans 10:10
I do with all my heart and soul!

Happy Birthday to my son, yesterday, you turned 31! I have a nice dinner planned for tonight.

Wow I sure must have been busy yesterday. I didn't blog. I went shopping for groceries. I was exhausted from the heat 88 and humidity at 81% It feels like FL in southern NH! I slept well with the A/C going and woke up in a freezer this morning. Not for long the temperatures are inching up to 82 today it is clear and sunny. Rain is soon to follow for the next couple of days. Of course I can't remember a Memorial Day that it hasn't rained. Tears from Heaven! Remember those who have gone before us especially those who have fought in the many wars the USA has been involved in. God bless them and our country. This whole world!

I am going to bake a cake here sooner than later the longer I wait the hotter it gets. With an oven on you can literally roast in my place. I can't open the windows. The pollen count is way too high! You can see it everywhere outside. Yellow powder and dust on everything swirling around in the wind. Coughing and sneezing runny scratchy eyes are my allergy symptoms. Even with prescription medicine and steroid nose spray. I still suffer a bit. Without it forget it Praise Him I have the medicine and spray. Praise Him for my medical care and good doctors.

 I missed this message from God yesterday so here it is

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that how bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's how good they can be with God's help that counts.
In life you can absolutely count on one thing, - everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, - you might be a moment away from a windfall.

How to Make Loaded Baked Potato Do you know how? I am going to look it up at Be right back! Well I found this.......there is a recipe for twice baked potatoes there too.

I bake the potatoes then we have sour cream, butter, bacon bits and shredded cheese to top the potato. You can use chives too. My son said no chives for his birthday dinner. I am making a sirloin steak with petite and green beans. Yellow "butter" cake thanks to Duncan Hines oh and Betty Crocker made the chocolate frosting just for me. No sprinkles my son said I offered. Plenty of milk and orange soda too.

Great article on sunscreens! Use it! I do now #50 not "#15" #50 says it is waterproof  I don't believe it I put a lot of extra on all day long if I am outside. I still get a tan but I don't burn I have had way too many burns.

Memorial Day Night Sky watching HA not here in NH we are expecting thunderstorms I am sure it will be cloudy here in Southern NH I hope you get to see it.

Grilling Tips

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