Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wonder Filled Wednesday

We live by what we believe, not by what we can see. 2 Corinthians 5:7
That is true if you do. I do! Do you?

It is 72 and cloudy (overcast) this afternoon. Last night we had rain and thunderstorms. Ohhh we are supposed to go to 81 today with more rain showers. Wash that pollen away. My eyes were very crusty this morning. I am allergic to tree pollen but I endured an outdoor fishing trip to be with my sons and grandsons. My eyes have been a mess since. Beautiful cherries in the summertime! A bowl of cherries! Cherry pie! Cherry cola!

From Dover Publications


Sara Moultans Blackberry Peach Cobbler Looks and sounds delicious!

So I am searching for more content. Oh here is something you might like too.

I just started using Pinterest

Making my boards

I play Scrabble online too. I am now am 18th highest with best word score. My friend is fourth highest right now. That is out of all Scrabble players online I believe.

Check this out!

In between all of this I do like to read online. I am an artist/designer, blogger, crafting, indoor gardening, love to cook, for now doing scrapbooking, swapping at and bidding for free things at Listia it is free to sign up and they give you points to start bidding on auctions and when you have an auction and it is over I get points. Great way to yard sale your home online and collect your favorite things. I get my scrapbook and art supplies on Listia. Sometimes I will pay for shipping. You don't have to buy anything you bid with your points. It is a lot of fun. Good way to clean out your destash. Good way to give and get so many different things. I like the books and gardening items in the home section too. Of course I am always searching for ME products.

My grandsons at the airport!

Thank you! Being a Nana to two grandsons is the best!

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