Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loving God

Gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:23
Today is a beautiful bright blue skies sunny day here in southern NH. At 11:30 AM EST it is now 49 degrees. No wind today! I will get out today and enjoy it while it lasts. Weather predictions are for rain over the weekend. That means a lot more leaves will fall. Trees will be stripped of their beautiful foliage by the winds and rain. Seize the moment today!

I just won these cute handmade shell angel decorations on Listia the other day. I thought I would share a picture of them with you. I want to make some. I have 99% of the supplies to do so! There are actually 4 but I am keeping a second blue one for a pattern and sharing the rest of them for Christmas! These are heavy big shells and the darling angels measure 5" from top of their heads to bottom of the shells.

Handmade angels 2012 I got these for free!
I am doing a prewinter dust busting of this place. It will take days. I took down my faux spider plant loaded with dust! Washed it in the shower. It is hanging to dry. I am leaving it down. I have a high nook here and I have decided to redecorate a bit. So that plant is going into storage when it is dry.  Although many people have asked if it is real. I am up for a change a new look around here.
I am making egg salad for lunch. The eggs are chilling. Then on to more fun things via the internet I love to read. Creating some cards! I have to make my own cardstock. Pure white for Christmas. Decorations front and back. I have a nice Handmade By rubber stamp that I use on the back of my paper creations. I need to get a couple more real stockings then start filling them for my friends for Christmas. I have been getting things all year long for family and friends through Listia for free. I used to pay for shipping. I don't do that anymore unless it is something I really really really want.

This is a good article I found today about eating mood boosting foods. Instead of reaching for a pill.
I am feeling so much better today. I noticed it some yesterday afternoon and evening too. The Paxil withdrawals are lessening for me. Praise Him! What a bugger to go through all that. It really was bad! It makes me not trust antidepressants at all. I want nothing more than to try anything but more pills. My nerves are less frayed today than yesterday since the earthquake that hit here. I know God loves me and everyone and he protected us from what could have been a huge disaster. Oh dear God please don't let that happen again. Thank you for today! 
The truth is I love God! He is mine and I am His!
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that there are many truths, and they all point to one source - God.
Do not spend energy arguing whose truth is righter, - just like all life springs forth from one source, so are all truths but a reflection of God. Accept another truth as another way of loving God.

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