Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Snow Day

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will have life even if they die. And everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Martha, do you believe this?"
John 11:25-26 
Well today we are expecting more snow here in Southern NH today. As of 4 PM EST in southern NH it is very cloudy starting to get dark as usual and no snow has started falling yet. It looks like we are going to get the snow storm tonight and into tomorrow morning. It is sooooooo cold out.
I made a delicious leftover ham soup. I had cornbread with it for lunch. For dinner tonight I making chicken nuggets differently. I usually use Bisquick but I don't have any so things are going to be done a little differently. I will make them with breadcrumbs egg and flour. I will have to fry them in a bit of olive oil. I will also make a veggie and flakey biscuits to go with the meal..  
Here is a picture of the snow wave made by the wind yesterday now there are icicles hanging on it. Very pretty!

Oh I love my new camera and how it zooms in. I think the pictures are really turning out nice now. It was so dark out too. These are pictures accross the yard next door on the building next door to where I live. Some distance away and out of my window. I can't hardly wait to take Spring flower pictures oh I am jumping way ahead. That is 3 months or more away. Winter has just started. 
Today, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know that ...

peace can be found in unlikely places.

Even in the darkest storms peace can be found by those who seek it. When turmoil and tension tear at your heart, pray for peace and most often you'll find peace in prayer. Of course there is no need to wait for a storm, pray for peace right now.

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