Thursday, March 22, 2012


Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. - Thessalonians 5:18

This means to always find yourself grateful no matter the circumstance. There is a reason for this because it is His will!

I woke up so sick feeling this morning. I have had a sore throat for a couple of days. My allergies are in high gear now. So to be grateful that I have allergies I can't seem to find how to give thanks other than to thank Him for making me the way I am. Thank you!

My lovely Spring fibers came in oh they are so pretty. I am going to show you how pretty they are. 

I use these for tags, bookmarks and art ATC's This Spring I have gathered a few materials to make some nice cards too.

When you have sinned………… call on Psalm 51 ►
When you worry ….………. call on Matthew 6:19-34 ►
When you are in danger……… call on Psalm 91 ►

I need to complain. It is too hot now in Winter it is too cold LOL

It is so warm in here in southern NH today the A/C is running again. No open windows. We are expecting 82 today!

I was looking through my garden watering it this morning. I looked closer at the pomegranate bush and it has about 9 or so buds on it now. I will take some pictures for you when they open. They are really great for pressing too. They are a dark tangerine orangey reddish color. They hold their color very well once pressed. I don't ever miss these oppurtunities to press flowers from Glenna's Garden.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful wonder filled day!


The Lord God is like a sun and shield; the Lord gives us kindness and honor. He does not hold back anything good from those whose lives are innocent. Psalms 84:11

Some days I enjoy sharing two scriptures. I ended up walking to the PO streetbox with all of my mail. It is already 77. I was wrong. The forsythia is blooming and I saw a purple crocus in the grass oh and two daffodils. Also the tulip tree's buds are starting to show color. Tomorrow I am going out earlier when it is not so warm and shoot some pictures of Spring. There is a yard down the street that is usually really pretty I will have to go check it out. My walking route is based on the seeing the pretty yards.

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