Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lord God Helps Me

The Lord God helps me, so I will not be ashamed. I will be determined, and I know I will not be disgraced. Isaiah 50:7
I am no fool. I am a great friend, someone is not doing right by me. The same promises broken over and over! Now I see how alcohol is truly preferred by them over me. My eyes are wide open. When you have Him you see it all!

It is 70 already as I write this at 12:30 PM EST in southern NH. What gorgeous weather we have been having so far this week. So warm we need the A/C on. The heat gets trapped in here when you don't open windows. Since I have such bad allergies I don't want to open windows this year.

I need to be crafty this afternoon it is calling me. I think I will start with a couple of cards. I also need to make an ATC for spring showers. I have rain drops already but no umbrella though. Maybe I can make one. What do "Spring Showers" remind you of? We don't have any bulbs up yet but the trees and bushes are loaded with buds. If you watch the birds closely they are picking up materials to make nests. It is so cute when they struggle with something too big and they try out all kinds of things they find on the ground until they find the perfect piece and then they fly off with it. Praise Him for birds!

It is getting to be lunch time and I don't know what to make yet! I am waiting until this weekend to shop for veggies so I am limited with those. No salad I miss salads! I could go to the cornerstore and see what they have. They always have fresh vegies. Lately I have wanted vegie soup too. I am switching my eating habits and it is going well. Very little to no meat only chicken or fish seafood no dairy and lots of fruit and vegies. Whole grains too. I am eating way less this way. I should be losing weight. We will see I have 3 doc appts next month and I will be weighed at each of them.

I am missing my grandsons. My feel good Nana feelings are dwindling. I am hoping to see them soon. I wish I lived closer and could see them more often.

As I sign off it is now 78 degrees outside and cloudy! YAY Spring is finally here! Where ever you are I hope you are enjoying some awesome weather and maybe even working on your outside garden.

This is an amythest stone pieces, cut glass darker purple pendant and glass ladybug bracelet I made last Spring. The amythest is my Mother's birthstone and also my grandson's too. He was born on the same day as my Mother.
Look up John 3:16 This is on a box from a chocolate cross I bought from Easter last year. I try to buy one of these every year if I can find them. Of course I eat the chocolate and then they make nice approx. 5 x 7 inch boxes for storing small things. I like the see through cross.

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